Charity Wash Program




Looking for a great way to raise money for your church, school or athletic team. Our program offers your organization an effective way to raise money. Through our program, you host a car wash fundraiser without the actual hassles of running one and help keep the environment green.

How it works: Quite simply, you sell the card and we provide the wash!



  • We provide your organization with SUPREME wash cards to sell. The wash cards have $25 of value already stored on them and can be used anywhere on our site. What more is they can be reused and recharged by the customer for continued use and savings.




  • You sell them to your friends and family for $25 and for every card you sell you keep 40% of all money collected. That’s $10 for your organization for each card sold.




  • Additionally your contributors receive all the benefits of having a SUPREME wash card such as extra value added for every recharge and for registering their card online they’ll receive a Free Birthday Wash, free loss protection and any monthly special offers.

    Why should you do it?
  • We eliminate your liability for damage or injury!
  • We can help you make more money!
  • We are better for the environment!
  • We conserve water!

    How do I get started?
  •  Call Barry at (919) 434-3125